Boston Marathon - Week 1

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Boston Marathon Week – 1

Boston Marathon Week – 1

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Goals Target Actual
35 miles
35.0 miles
Long Run
Drills (Abs/Back/Hips)

Week 1: April 12th – 18th

Back in training!  And I ran five days this week!  Which about sums up the goals for this week, get back to steady running and get in a long run!  There’s nothing special about the first two weeks of the training cycle, it’s just getting your body adjusted to continuous running and getting yourself adjusted to the routine of getting out the door on a consistent basis.  The biggest thing that you have to watch out for on your first week back is that you don’t get too excited and run too much.  Not only would that increase your injury risk it also make you get too high in mileage too soon.  Anyway, that’s what they training plan is there for, you know how many miles you have to run in a week which can keep you from going too far or not far enough!

Upcoming Week: 38 miles, 11 mile long run


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